it’s just how you sell it.
Success comes from standing out
is to create it.,,
It’s not what you are,

Sterling Cooper, N.Y.


You’re entering the Sterling Cooper BCN website, where everything’s possible and nothing is what it seems.

Today is your lucky day.

Advertising is based on one thing:

And you know what happiness is?
Happiness is the smell of a new car.
It’s freedom from fear.
It’s a billboard on the side of the road that screams with reassurance
that whatever you’re doing is okay.
You are okay.,,

Don Draper, 1963


Some of the most famous advertising campaigns throughout history were born, many years ago, at the Sterling Cooper’s office, 405 Madison Avenue, New York. We know about all the things that matter. And we also know that sometimes reality trumps fiction. And that’s what happens right here, right now.

We’d like to build the best future for your brand. In that sense, we just promise you to deeply think about it for a while and then delete it from our minds. This way, we’ll be smashed by the idea and we’ll take you a little bit closer to happiness. Yes, happiness, that thing we feel just before needing more happiness.

not fitting in.,,

Don Draper, 1961

… and we do it!

We are specialists in producing ideas.
Yes, those kind of ideas that take your breath away,
make you flip for a moment and end with you asking…
How did they make it up?
Normally, we love to make this ideas come true
through advertising campaigns, marketing and communications.
Although we are good at japanese cooking
and at enjoying oysters with champagne.

The best way to predict the future

Peter F. Drucker

If you don’t like what’s being said,

change the conversation.,,

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C/ Constança 5, 08029 Barcelona (Spain)

See you in the hallways.